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TweetiePrefs is a free OS X preference pane that allows you to customize your Tweetie filter list.

Tired of spammy retweets and obnoxious promotions? Now you can easily filter them from your stream without having to get your hands dirty on the command line.

Any terms added to your filter list will be applied to your timeline, mentions, searches, etc. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to filter a specific user, as this is not supported by Tweetie.

Download version 1.2.1 1.7MB


Version 1.2.1 - 12.05.2010

  • Minor bug fixes
  • New icon!

Version 1.2 - 11.15.2010

  • Ability to sort list by term or by enabled status. Sorting should also be preserved between launches.
  • Cleaned up the structure of the underlying plist file. This shouldn't cause any issues when reading in the old structure, but if it does, remove ~/Library/Preferences/com.ashwhite.tweetieprefs.plist and relaunch.

Version 1.1 - 11.15.2010

  • Ability to activate / deactivate single filter terms
  • Ability to activate / deactivate entire list
  • A handful of bug fixes

Version 1.0 - 11.14.2010

  • Initial release

All work is original and copyright 2014 by Ash White, with the exception of a handful of free third-party libraries, including the Scriptaculous JavaScript framework, Lightbox image overlay, Google Font Directory, Google Code Prettify, and Eric Meyer's CSS Reset.